Spokane Christian Church

John Oakes

International author, professor, and lecturer Dr. John Oakes will teach all weekend at the Spokane Christian Church. Classes are FREE to everyone!

Location: 3007 E Marshall Ave, Spokane, WA 99207

7 p.m. Friday, September 26th

God, Science, and Miracles

9 a.m. to noon, Saturday, September 27th

Bible, Truth, Holy Spirit (three classes)

10 a.m. Sunday, Sept 28th

Golden Rule Membership  What God Expects of Every Disciple

Dr. Oakes has been a professor of chemistry and physics at Gonzaga University, UCSD, Marian College (Wisconsin) and Grossmont College.  He has taught classes on the his­tory and philosophy of science for over twenty years and directed honors programs at both Marian College and Grossmont College. John became a Christian while attending graduate school in 1978. He earned a PhD in chemical physics from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1984. That same year he married his wife, Jan.  They have three adult children, Ben, Elizabeth, and Kate, and reside in San Diego, California. 

John’s interest in Christian evidences sprang naturally from his being a scientist. He began teaching on the subject almost as soon as he was converted. John Clayton’s speaking was a great inspiration for him. Having a dual PhD in chemistry and physics, and having taught for 28 years has made him uniquely qualified to deal with areas of science and the Bible. Besides science, John is very interested in history, both church history and history in general. He is also interested in philosophy and studies in the Christian Worldview.  He has taught a number of classes on the Christian Worldview, Christian Theology and related topics.  John has published nine books and given invit­ed lectures on science and religion at dozens of universities and in more than fifty countries.  John also serves as the president of the Apologetics Research Society. 

For information about John's ministry go to: www.evidenceforchristianity.org

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