Spokane Christian Church

The Spokane Christian Church is committed to building strong marriages. We support the Dynamic Marriage Program and utilize many of the principles gained from the course.

Dynamic Marriage produces tangible results for three powerful reasons: the wise insights of Dr. Harley (writer of His Needs Her Needs) and Joe Beam (writer of Becoming One: Emotionally, Spiritually, and Sexually), combined with the dynamic delivery system of Family Dynamics.

The eight weeks of work gives couples time to learn how to stop damaging behaviors in their marriage, deal with conflict, and learn to meet each other’s emotional needs.

  • How your love bank affects your relationship
  • What your most important emotional needs are
  • How to identify and meet each other's most important needs
  • How affairs begin, how they can be stopped, and how love can be restored.
  • Why people commit to or abandon a relationship
  • How to build compatibility
  • How to maintain a mutually fulfilling relationship